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I have always had a connection to animals.  I remember visiting the gorilla exhibit at the San Diego Zoo many years ago.  The alpha male Silverback came up to the window and stared at me.  I telepathically told him that I honored him and I bowed my head.  After staring at me for a while longer, he placed his palm against the glass grunted and walked away.  I knew we had connected and it was exciting.  Over the years I tried to communicate with other animals.  I often had the impression that the animals understood me but I had a hard time recognizing their communications back to me.  It wasn't until I rescued a retired racing greyhound that I noticed I could actually understand her telepathically.  

The conversations with my greyhound started me on a journey.  I took courses in animal communication and read many books on the subject.  I practiced with the wildlife in my yard and with the family of dogs in my life. I had a stressful job in the corporate world where I was increasingly unhappy.  My animals were telling me to change my career.  Leaving my job was not an easy decision.  I decided to retire early to pursue a life where I could be of service.

I have learned so much from the animals that I have worked with.  Animals have taught me what it is to love unconditionally.  I have learned to be more tolerant of people and situations in my life. I have become kinder and more compassionate. I have been taught to ask for help when I need it and to accept that help without feeling guilty. Our animals are always working with us to become better beings.  I have found great joy in being able to convey to humans what their animals would like them to know.  This work has changed my life.  I look forward to working with you.

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